Cecilia, Superintendent of Lofa District in Liberia standing beside the 4 wheel drive truck she needs.
Cecilia, DS of the Lofa River District Liberia Annual Conference standing beside the 4 wheel drive truck she hopes to purchase.


Truck Update from DS Bill Haggard:

I want to start by saying another big thanks to all who have given towards the truck for Rev. Cecilia Mapleh and her work as Superintendent for the Lofa District in Liberia.  You have raised a little over $17,000!  Your faithfulness is and has been wonderful!

By way of update, we have been in communication with Cecilia and other leaders in Liberia to try to get the money to them.  Unfortunately the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) has been dealing with an audit of some the financial practices in the Liberia Annual Conference and are recommending to everyone that there be a hold on sending funds to Liberia until this is completed.

The word I am hearing from GBGM is that the problem is being dealt with, and the opportunity to send our money safely — in a way that will assure it gets to the project — should be in place soon. We are hopeful that this is the case and we will be able to see our partnership with Rev. Mapleh fulfilled.  Thank you again for your faithful giving.  We will keep you updated as things progress.

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