December 16, 2015

We are getting close again to the celebration of Christ’s birth.  We have been lighting our candles and singing our Advent & Christmas Carols.  We have been preparing and anticipating and looking forward to what will be as we gather in our congregations and gather in our homes this year to give thanks for God’s greatest gift.

As I walk alongside you through these days, my prayer continues to be that God will birth something new in us all this Christmas.  That in our congregations a new spirit of cooperation and mission will come forth.  That in our denomination there might be a willingness to listen and engage one another in conversation, in real holy conferencing that new life and hope might be realized and incredible ministry might be created that pours out into significant disciple making and transformation of the world.  I pray that new birth might reach to the depth of our individual lives quelling fears and discouragement and creating in us a fresh joy that fills us with the belief that through Christ ALL things are possible.  I pray that as we focus beyond ourselves in mission, in planning, in the offering of relevant and engaging worship, new persons will find their way to the knowledge and experience of God’s love deep within so that that their lives are changed and set free.

I pray for us all that this year’s celebration of Christmas might be so compelling, so inviting, so real that we are changed and revived in deep and meaningful ways.  I pray that the message given by the angels to the shepherds that night long ago might be as powerful for us as it was for them.  As we visit the manger again this year, may we go out to tell everyone we meet about the wonderful gift of Christmas.

Peace and Joy,

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