For some, a very difficult Season

I’m grateful for our congregations that offer “Blue Christmas” services.  I am grateful that in our celebrations of Advent and Christmas we remember that this joyful and festive season can be a very difficult season for some.

Too often we in the church struggle with the “not OK.”  Whether it’s grief, depression, even anger, too often we shy away from these places and the people who are in them in favor of trying to make things “nice.”

But if Christmas tells us anything at all, it tells us that God prefers to get God’s hands dirty (so to speak!).  God in Christ came into the world, not because the world was nice and clean and good, but because there was and is mess.  Significant mess!  There are hurts and violence and pain and suffering everywhere, and God doesn’t shy away from any of it.  God gets in there with us and seeks to impact it all with love, understanding and grace.

So, I’m grateful for our congregations that are having Blue Christmas services this season.  I’m grateful for congregations and individuals who get involved in the tough stuff of people’s lives, their communities, and our world.  I think maybe that is what God had in mind that first Christmas.



One thought on “For some, a very difficult Season

  1. GR First UMC Blue Christmas Service
    This is a special service on Wednesday, December 7 at 7pm for those who have experienced a loss of any kind during the year – health, a loved one, job, or a relationship – which makes it difficult to be joyful during the holiday. Participants share in a brief service of scripture, prayer, meditation, music and light, followed by a time of refreshments and fellowship. Contact Marj Timmerman at if you have any questions. Located in the Upper Room of First United Methodist Church – 227 East Fulton St, Grand Rapids. 

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