Review for Lay Speaker Certification 2018

Notice to all Lay Servants who are seeking certification for LAY SPEAKER, the final step is to arrange a meeting with the Grand Rapids District Committee on Lay Servant Ministries for review. The LS committee will meet on Sunday, March 4 at St. Paul’s UMC, from 3-4pm. Those requesting a review for certification must schedule a time with Jody Pratt ( on or before February 11, 2018.

Applicants for review must have completed the following required (6) classes:

  1. Basic
  2. Polity
  3. Prayer
  4. Preaching
  5. Spiritual Gifts
  6. Worship Design

Present copies of local Charge conference approval. Prepare for a 10-15 minute message for the LS Committee. Schedule a time for message sharing with Jody Pratt ( prior to the meeting.

IF NO REQUESTS ARE RECEIVED BY FEBRUARY 11, 2018 the certification session is cancelled.

Jody Pratt GR District LS Committee

Useful Links

Click here to read the 2016 General Conference Guidelines for Lay Servant-Lay Speaking Ministries
Click here for the Lay Servant Ministries Brochure
Click here for General Board of Discipleship ministry of the laity website
Click here for the Discipleship Ministries Lay Servant Course Catalog
Click here to read the Lay Servant Ministries (formerly Lay Speaking) name change explanation
Click here for the BeADisciple Course Catalog
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Certified Lay Servant, Lay Speaker, Certified Lay Minister Reports

Certified Lay Servant Annual Report (use this report if you have completed Basic and/or Advanced Lay Servant coursework)
Lay Speaker Annual Report (use this report if you have interviewed with, and were approved by, your district Lay Servant Committee)
Certified Lay Minister Annual Report

Forms can also be found here:

Certified Lay Servant Process

Certified Lay Servant Overview

Certified Lay Speaker Process

Certified Lay Speaker Overview

Certified Lay Minister Process

Certified Lay Minister Overview