This space is devoted to sharing resources from books to furniture, anything your church no longer uses that can be given away (or at a greatly reduced rate) to other local churches!

FOLLOW A Group Companion Study about what a modern day disciple looks like.  300 copies  Suggested price – $3 each but are willing to accept donations of any amounts to cover shipping costs. Includes a 40 Day Reading Plan, Journal and Covenant.

THINGS I WISH JESUS NEVER SAID is a Six Session Bible Study. Nearly 750 Study Guides available and 45 DVD with Study Guides.  Suggested Price $8 each for workbooks and $10/each for DVD’s/workbook combo, but are willing to accept donations. Following Jesus Would be so much easier if we could pick and choose which of his words to live by!  But that’s not how it works.  In the Bible Jesus gives us words of comfort, but there are also things he said that challenge us even make us uncomfortable.  But the hard things Jesus said are meant to teach us, they are words that lead to life! Great Study.

Route 66 – A Road Trip Through the Bible with 270 copies available. Suggested donation of $3 per workbook.  Also willing to accept donations of any amount.  6 week study of 66 books of the Bible, 15 DVD’s are available and will be included in the first few Route 66 orders. 6 small group sessions.

AWAKEN – A Six Session Bible Study for individuals or small groups. Suggested donation of $3 per workbook , 450 available.    Great Study to awaken our passion for our Faith.

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the aforementioned resources, please contact Bill Schuurmans, Faith Development Assistant at Cornerstone UMC, 616.698. 3170 or

If your church has an item or items to share, please contact Liz in the GR District Office with the pertinent details and it’ll be posted here with a link in the weekly Connection E-newsletter.

GR District Office Contact info:
phone: 616.459.4503 x-1211