The STUDENTS TO SCHOOL project is intended to provide the financial resources to the Red Bird School for bus purchases to assure that all students have the opportunity for an uninterrupted education. The Red Bird Christian School is located on the Red Bird Mission site in Clay County, Kentucky.  The families of Clay County lay scattered among the hills and hollows, isolated from each other.  Many live miles from the Red Bird Mission site and school, with no transportation available to them. For students, their only means to attend school on a regular basis is a local school bus, and funds for additional buses to reach those students is not available on a sustainable basis.

Currently, the Red Bird Christian School district provides bus transportation to two hundred (200) students, operating four (4) routes in their service area. Buses average approximately 8,300 miles per year. Over the next five years, the goal is to increase the number of students served by transportation to 250.

The transportation program has two principal objectives: providing transportation services to an ever increasing number of students; and operating a transportation system that is both safe and reliable. Operating buses over mountainous terrain, under varying weather conditions, is hard on equipment which impacts maintenance costs and equipment replacement.  Because of the physical environment in which they operate, buses are carefully maintained, and kept in service for as long as it is deemed practical and safe. However, once a bus reaches the end of its useful life, it is imperative that it be replaced. One bus was recently replaced. The average cost for a new unit is $95,000. Two additional units will be needed in the next four years (2018 and 2021).

What is the benefit of a first-rate education? Alumni of the school credit the high standards of academic excellence and the teaching of Christian ethics — and a Christian life style — for their success in life; they are now working hard to raise funds to support the school. And importantly, two-thirds of the school graduates go on to post-secondary education, more than double the average rate in the region.

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Questions? Please contact Students To School project coordinator, Don Reis at or 616.886.5825.