A forum to share life changing, hope-filled, joyous stories happening in YOUR CHURCH!

Friends, as I shared with you last week here in DS Castings, I am going to be away this summer.  Following Annual Conference, I will be on renewal leave through Labor Day.  This means, among other things, that I will not be writing this column each week!  I know that many of you are asking, “How will I make it through these long summer months without this weekly word from my DS!!”  Well here’s what I was thinking…

What if castings became, for the summer, a place to tell stories?  What if it became a place where the good news of life transformation in our churches was shared?  So often there are things happening in our ministries that don’t get told.  There are lives being changed, people discovering hope, receiving fresh meaning and joy in all kinds of ways because of what we do and how we embody God’s love, but the story never gets told.  The Good News is received but the “light” gets hidden under a bushel.

So this summer what I want to invite you to do is share those stories!  Write them up and email them in to Liz and we’ll share and celebrate the work of God in our midst.

Too often we focus on the negative side of our church.  We highlight the differences we have.  We center on the scarcity we struggle with and the problems we are encountering.  Let’s take time this summer to talk to one another about the ways we, the United Methodist Churches of the Grand Rapids District are seeing God touching and changing lives!

All you need to do is write the story and send it to Liz Bode our District Administrative Assistant at grdistict@wmcumc.org.

I’m looking forward – with you – to reading these great tales of faith as I relax by the lake!

Have a wonderful summer and don’t forget to share what God is doing in your midst.