Less than a week to go!

Well it’s finally here.  By the time I write this blog next week we should know who the next President of the United States is.  It has been an incredibly long campaign with lots of twists and turns.  It has been filled with vilification and scandal.  It has been characterized, in a way I have never seen, by distaste and high “unfavorability ratings” for both candidates.  It has been filled by “bombshells” (CNN’s favorite word!) and soundbites every day for 18 months.  And by next week at this time it will be over.  And what I wonder is, what’s next?  And perhaps more than that, what is next for Christ followers in this country?  What are we to do on November 9th and following?

Let me suggest a few things I intend to do and invite you to share:

  1. I have a pretty strong preference in this election and I am going to be pretty hard to live with for a few days if the candidate I’m supporting loses next Tuesday.  BUT, regardless of who wins, I will pray for our new president.  I will pray that God will guide our new president and that they will listen to God’s leading.
  2. I will pray for Congress that the members will work towards the good of all the people. I will pray that they find ways to work together, to compromise, to be states-persons rather than just members of a party.  I will pray that they will work towards needed reform in the whole process so that less time is spent campaigning in the future and more time governing.
  3. I will also continue my longtime practice of calling, emailing and texting the President and my legislators about legislation that I believe is important for me as a Christ follower to support. Legislation that helps the poor that empowers the least of these and creates more and more justice for all.
  4. I will continue to connect with agencies that track legislation related to the poor both locally and globally, agencies that work for peace, agencies and organizations like Bread for the World our own Board of Church and Society, and use their legislative alerts to learn and again seek to influence legislators in support of these important pieces of legislation.

It’s almost here.  This election cycle is almost behind us.  But the work of following Christ, and living out our freedom and democracy in ways that continue to seek justice for all, is never ending.

Don’t forget to vote.